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The Importance of Retrofitting Compliance and Waivers

Last April, Southern California was hit by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake. Fortunately, since the epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, there was little to no damage to buildings. However, the reality of living in California is that there will be another major quake. The question is, “When will it strike and how powerful will it be? Earthquakes: A Very Real...

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Independently Owned Escrow Companies vs. Title Companies

When you purchase a piece of real estate, you, the mortgage lender and the seller need to make sure that all documentation is complete and valid, as well as that all funds are available to complete the transaction. In California, several types of companies provide these services, including independently owned escrow companies and controlled escrow companies. In last month’s blog,...

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Escrow 101

It’s the word that every home buyer has heard a million times, but very few fully understand. Escrow Hub offers top quality escrow services in Los Angeles and is here to give you a crash course on what you should expect during a potentially tumultuous process. What is “Escrow”? Essentially, an escrow company is an unbiased, third party that facilitates a...

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A Grant Deed Versus a Quitclaim Deed

To properly complete a real estate transaction, several key documents are required, including a title and a deed. Though many people mistakenly use the terms interchangeably, they’re actually two different types of legal documents. To get a more in-depth education on real estate transactions and learn your options for escrow services in Los Angeles, contact Escrow Hub today. According to...

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What Agents Need to Know about Trustee – Seller Transactions

Transactions involving residential assets in the name of a revocable trust could prove daunting for some real estate professionals, but not to worry. This is where an experienced escrow officer steps in to handle all the details and make the process as smooth as possible for both buyer and the seller. The escrow officer’s primary responsibilities are to identify and...

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Tax Withholding on Property Sales: What your Clients Should Know

Many sellers are unaware that the state of California requires tax withholding on the sale of all real estate property. Similar to the federal government’s FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) withholding laws, the State wants to enforce tax collection on those who do not live in, or who move out of, California. How is Withholding Calculated? Withholding tax is calculated in...

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