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Comparing Independent and Controlled Escrow Companies

Not all companies operate as an independent provider of escrow services as we do. Let’s compare what differentiates independent escrow companies from other associated “controlled” escrow companies. Let’s get started with comparing independent and controlled escrow companies.    Read More >>

Understanding Trust Certifications and Trust Agreements

Actual ownership of real property (how ownership is recorded on title) can make or break a real estate sale during the escrow process. However, many properties are held in a trust and present a special set of circumstances for title and closing. As such, understanding trust certifications and trust agreements is vital.    Read More >>

Targeting Absentee Owners

An often untapped method for growing your real estate inventory is by targeting absentee owners. With the right strategies strategies to attract absentee owners, you can start making matches that benefit all parties involved. It might take a little legwork at first, but the results are well worth it.     Read More >>

Why Do Interest Rates on Mortgages Rise?

In spite of a challenging economic big picture in 2020, real estate professionals had one of the best years in recent history. First time home buyers kept the housing market alive because of incredibly low mortgage rates. 2021 foreshadows a different phase as rates are now increasingly likely to rise. If we understand three basic principles contributing to fluctuating interest rates, we can manage buyer and seller expectations in this new market landscape.    Read More >>

Escrow Failures: Why Do Homes Fall Out of Escrow?

Once a seller has accepted an offer on his or her property, the home goes into escrow. During this process, the buyer and seller deposit pertinent documents. And, in the case of the buyer, deposit funds with an escrow firm until the parties meet the conditions of the sale agreement. At that point, the transaction can proceed. Unfortunately, the escrow process can fail.     Read More >>

Californians Are the Biggest Target of Escrow Scams

Just hours after submitting their $775,000 down payment for their new home, Kevin and Nicole Noar from Solana Beach discovered they’d been scammed. Instead of the money going to their escrow agent’s account, it went to a hacker’s bank account in Singapore, according to ABC 10 News San Diego. Welcome to the world of escrow scams.    Read More >>

10 Practical Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors — or NAR — almost 50 percent of female real estate agents have had an experience in the past 12 months that made them fear for their personal information — or for their personal safety. For males, that number was 25 percent. Fortunately, there are some practical real estate agent safety tips that, when consistently applied, can help you stay safe.    Read More >>

Avoid Wire Fraud When Buying a Home

You’re in the last stages of buying your first home. It’s an exciting time, and you can’t wait to move into your new place. But then your LA escrow agent informs you that the down payment and closing costs you wired yesterday still haven’t arrived. After a brief investigation, it soon becomes clear that you’ve fallen prey to a mortgage closing scam.    Read More >>

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