When you’re purchasing real estate in Southern California, you need a reliable, neutral third party you can trust to hold your funds and all documentation until the transaction can be completed. At Escrow Hub, we work with buyers who are represented by a real estate agent, plus, we offer FSBO escrows. Refer to our Escrow Process chart for more information.

Buyers are responsible for 50 percent of escrow fees. The buyer can generally be expected to pay for:

  • Lender’s Title Policy
  • Escrow Fee
  • Sub-Escrow Fee
  • Processing Fee (Doc Rep)
  • Notary Fee
  • Recording Fees
  • All New Loan Charges
  • Prepaid Interest on New Loan
  • Fire Insurance for One Year
  • Tax Proration
  • Homeowners Dues
  • Loan Tie In Fee
  • Rent Prorations/Security Deposits