Los Angeles Azusa 626-812-5235 $53 - $170 All properties, including vacant land, but not on first sale. Buyer to acknowledge report, six month time limit. Prices subject to change each summer.
Los Angeles Beverly Hills 310-285-1141 No Cost Buyer and Seller sign form. Only deals with smoke detector and water conservation.
Los Angeles Burbank 818-238-3730 No Cost All residential, commercial, and industrial buildings required to be retrofitted with low consumption plumbing fixtures. Compliance is the responsibility of the seller/transferor and is a condition of escrow.
Los Angeles Carson 310-952-1766 $100 - $150+ On-site inspection required. Six month expiration. Buyer must acknowledge.
Los Angeles Compton 310-605-5509 $60 + $60/unit add'l Inspection required. Residential only. Call for application form. Buyer acknowledgement of residential Building Report needed.
Los Angeles Culver City 310-253-5800 $96 - $128 No inspection required. Need Report on residential and commercial properties, not vacant land. Takes five business days. Buyer to acknowledge. Real estate agents=payment requirements.


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