Los AngelesAzusa626-812-5235$110-$222All properties, including vacant land, but not on first sale. Buyer to acknowledge report, six month time limit. Prices subject to change each summer.
Los AngelesBeverly Hills310-285-1141No CostBuyer and Seller sign form. Only deals with smoke detector and water conservation.
Los AngelesBurbank818-238-3730No CostAll residential, commercial, and industrial buildings required to be retrofitted with low consumption plumbing fixtures. Compliance is the responsibility of the seller/transferor and is a condition of escrow.
Los AngelesCarson310-952-1766$100 - $150+On-site inspection required. Six month expiration. Buyer must acknowledge.
Los AngelesCompton310-605-5509$60 + $60/unit add'lInspection required. Residential only. Call for application form. Buyer acknowledgement of residential Building Report needed.
Los AngelesCulver City310-253-5800$95No inspection required. Need Report on residential and commercial properties, not vacant land. Takes five business days. Buyer to acknowledge. Real estate agents=payment requirements.
Los AngelesBell$200-$600Inspection required. Seller signs form. Must get signature notarized if not submitting the application in person.
Los AngelesCudahy$255Up to 5 units, Inspection is required and can only be done in person (to apply, pay and schedule inspection appointment). Required for Residential, commercial and vacant land.
Los AngelesEl Monte$195.50-$252.50Inspection required. Residential and commercial properties. Buyer acknowledgement required.
Los AngelesGardena$315-$415Inspection required exterior only. Report to be delivered 15 days prior to closing. Residential and commercial. Condos exempt. Buyer can sign Waiver and must acknowledge Report or Waiver.
Los AngelesHawaiian Gardens$265Inspection required. Residential and commercial properties. New construction exempt. Delivery 21 days prior to closing. Buyer to acknowledge..
Los AngelesHermosa Beach$271Residential only. Two week processing. Exterior inspection only. six month expiration
Los AngelesHuntington Park$105plus Inspection required. Single-family 1-4 units and vacant land required. No commercial or over 4 units. Good for 6 months.
Los AngelesInglewood$163-$353plus 11 for each unit add on. No longer accepts escrow company checks and a credit card payment is only allowed if the application is being walked in.
Los AngelesLomita$162.18--$324.36This does not include the cost of an interior building inspection. If requested by the property owner, the Los Angeles County DPW hourly rate shall apply.
Los AngelesLawndale$205.30Inspection required. For residential properties. Turnaround about 5-7 days and Buyer must acknowledge report.
Los AngelesLong Beach$29 and upThe Inspection and Resale Report is required for all properties in the Parking Impacted Area that have or should have a traditional garage upon close of escrow.
Los AngelesCity of LA$72.76No inspection. Need for residential and vacant land. No commercial or first sale of new residential. Need application with original signatures by Seller (and Buyer if Buyer is doing work.) Six month expiration
Los AngelesLynwood$276+Inspection required-exterior only. Real estate agent must have business license for Lynwood to apply
Los AngelesManhattan Beach$303No inspection. Residential only. The application under Forms Residential Building Report on website. Water Conservation Retrofit required.
Los AngelesMaywood$110Inspection required. Multi-copy Application form is mailed. Report cannot be waived and Buyer must acknowledge. No expiration until next sale. Applicant must have City Business License.
Los AngelesPalos Verdes Estat$151Inspection not needed. Takes five working days. Six month expiration. Homeowner to apply or third party applicant must have City Business License
Los AngelesPasadena$27.78-$150.38Self-Certification Program available that does no require inspection if the property qualifies. In the event the property does not qualify inspection required; cannot be waived. Single-family, duplex, condos. Seller can assign correction work to Buyer and both must acknowledge. Buyer to comply within six months. Certificate valid for one year. Must appear in person to re-apply.
Los AngelesRedondo Beach$50-$180Residential only. No inspection unless records show violations. Buyer to acknowledge. Six months expiration
Los AngelesRolling Hills Estate$200-$300Residential only. Buyer can choose record search only or on-site inspection. Buyer to complete application. Takes seven business days. Required to close escrow
Los AngelesSan Marino$65Residential only. Inspection fee separate. Apply for Residential Compliance Certificate in person; qualified inspector list provided. Takes ten days. Report cannot be waived. All violations must be corrected within six months. Buyer not required to acknowledge. Two year expiration or when sold
Los AngelesSan Fernando$65Residential only. Inspection fee separate. Apply in person; qualified inspector list provided. Takes ten days. Report cannot be waived. All violations must be corrected within six months. Buyer not required to acknowledge. Two year expiration or when sold
Los AngelesSanta Monica$344.31Inspection not required. Computer record online application. Cannot be waived. Buyer to acknowledge. Six month expiration.
Los AngelesSignal Hill$170-$5654-units & up residential only. Six month expiration. Buyer does not need to acknowledge. Apply in person; limited hours.
Los AngelesSouth Gate$63Any property owner/seller may apply for a pre-sale housing inspection report six (6) months prior to entering into any agreement of sale for the exchange of any residential building and prior to listing such property for sale. Property owner will be required to present proof of ownership with a valid form of identification, such California Identification (ID) with current property address.
Orange CountyLaguna Beach$350Report required for all properties. Apply in person. Takes seven days. Real estate agent must have City Business License.
Orange CountyNewport Beach$165-$192+Residential only. Inspection not required but owner to acknowledge and noted on records. 30 days to complete inspection after application. Corrections within 30 days or Buyer can assume responsibility. One year expiration.
Riverside CountyCathedral City$52The realtor/seller will receive two forms (gold and pink) of the approved inspection. These forms are to be retained by the escrow office in the escrow file. If there is no escrow, these forms are given to the person who requested the inspection.
Riverside CountyPalm Springs$51Single family residences; condominiums; duplexes; and mobile homes
San DiegoSan Diego$10Water Conservation Certificate verification system will identify which properties already have a valid certificate on file with the City of San Diego Water Department
San MateoDaily City$250There shall be a final inspection and approval of all buildings and structures when completed and ready for occupancy and use.
Santa BarbaraCarpinteria$245--$400On-site inspection. Report cannot be waived. Buyer must acknowledge. Six month expiration.
VenturaPort Hueneme$119Inspection not required. Residential and commercial. Buyer to acknowledge. Takes seven days. Six month expiration.
VenturaThousand Oaks$82--$308Required only if open permits-$308. No inspection-$82. Six month expiration. Takes ten days
VenturaVentura$78No inspection, only review permits on file. Buyer to acknowledge.


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